A New Novel  of Love and Independence in 19th Century Denmark

Sjoholm_FossilIsland_Cover194xProgThese are thoughtful, glitteringly intelligent novels, as shrewd about shifting social conditions as they are about the workings of the human heart. Either book can be read and enjoyed separately, and together they form a treat readers will re-read with pleasure. Very strongly recommended.— Editor’s Choice, Historical Novel Review

Nik is a fourteen-year-old tomboy who spends her time dreaming and fossilizing. Her older sister, Maj is starting to entertain ideas of women’s rights introduced by her Swedish friend, Eva Sandström. Both girls know they must marry eventually—just not yet. . . more


The Sequel to Fossil Island

Sjoholm_FormerWorld_Cover194xInspired by the true story of Denmark’s greatest composer, Carl Nielsen, and by the life of Emilie Demant Hatt, who later became an artist and ethnographer in Lapland.

The story of the two Hansen sisters, Nik and Maj, continues in the sequel to Fossil Island. Now sixteen, Nik resumes her relationship with the passionate Carl Nielsen, who returns to the provincial village where she lives with her family for a summer visit in 1889. But their bonds are strained by convention, by Carl’s dream of becoming a great composer, and by Nik’s own stirrings of ambition to study. . . more                                                 


WithTheLapps_smallA Woman Among the Sami 1907-8

An entrancing true account, the narrative of Emilie Demant Hatt’s nine-month stay in the tent of a Sami family in northern Sweden in 1907 – 08 is a work that deserves wider recognition as an early contribution to ethnographic writing. Now in its first English translation by Barbara Sjoholm. . . more